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Authorized Part 145 Repair Station for Interior Refurbishments 
Aircraft Detailing Services

At our company, we pride ourselves on Safety, Quality and Efficiency. From the initial engagement to the completed service, our attention to detail is second to none. In an ever-evolving industry, Executive Jet Alliance has set the bar for quality and customer service. Explore our site and see for yourself - we love our work and we’re sure you will, too.

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  • vacuuming of carpets and seats

  • spot cleaning of any stains

  • Carpet Cleaning (Extraction)

  • cleaning cockpit displays and gauges interior windows, wall panels, countertops, lavatory seat and deck, entranceway, steps and handrails

  • emptying the trash, cleaning of lavatories and galley drawers. 

  • Deep cleaning of leather surfaces, headliners, PSU, dado and baggage areas, and cockpit. 

  • Bedding and linens are prepared to the clients' specifications. 

  • Cabin Ionization (no ozone) - same process as those used by factory repair stations


The aircraft is first prepared by securing static ports and other sensitive areas.

  • Wet Wash: This is a complete clean and rinse of the full aircraft exterior using low-pressure de-Ionized water. 

  • Detail-level cleaning of wheels & struts, and exterior windows, and a completed wipe down to leave a spot-free finish. 

  • Brightwork services - creates a mirror-like finish (swirl-free) on all leading-edge surfaces

  • Ceramic coating services for long-term protection and care for painted areas


EJA provides a wide range of services including interior repair, carpet replacement, hardgoods, and softgoods refresh requests, etc.  EJA is an extension of your existing staff, providing whatever is needed.  EJA can provide you with a custom quote for services across a range of functions based on decades of experience.


275 E Tropicana Ave # 130, 'Atlantic Terminal/McCarran Airport', Las Vegas

ph. 702-704-4289

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